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This is our second time using the Survey capability in Gainsight.
I noticed that the response rate in the Survey tool takes the whole set of people that were polled and includes those that are in the "undeliverable" segment.
For example, if you had 1,000 emails go out, and 100 were undeliverable.
If you get 90 responses, the response rate should be 10% (90/900) vs 9% (90/1000).
Right now the tools show it as 9%. It would be great if the system showed the true response rate.

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Agreed. However, the response rate that's lower than expected (in our minds) should be more of a trigger to clean up our contacts list. I believe a response rate deliberately includes unsubscribes and undelivered emails just by the nature of response rates in a survey context. I think having both numbers displayed would be helpful: "Total Response Rate" and "Response Rate of Non-Bounced" or something like that.
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Hi Tracy,
Thanks for reaching out to us, We do calculation currently based on absolute numbers, since initial intent was to send survey to all 1000 people and not 900.

I would look to this thread if other customers also want the same calculation you stated above, if we have good numbers we will probably add this request to Survey roadmap.
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I am kicking this into an idea as it is a feature request. This way others searching for something similar can locate it with all the other feature requests. 

My CCO has asked for true response rates, he wants undelivered and bounced excluded from the calculation so I’ve voted for this the meantime I’m trying to use data designer (unsuccessfully) to exclude using the reponse status field in the Survey Participant object.

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Hi @psutela, thank you for your feedback. We will add this to our roadmap based on feedback from customers, so encourage others to upvote if this is a need.