Next on-prem leadership call

  • 27 July 2016
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Hi folks,

I wanted to post up the details on the next call with the on-prem leadership team. Thanks to Canio Caputo with SevOne for hosting the next call taking place on Wednesday, Aug 17 at 2PM ET

I’ll take the next meeting. I really enjoyed the discussion we had around how we are all setting up our Scoring using Objective and Subjective measures.

My suggestion is we keep at least a monthly cadence with this meetings as well as alternating who leads the discussion.

Regarding an agenda for this next meeting I think we continue with the forum we had last time. Personally, near and dear to my heart is how we get back data from our customers and in the absence of that data how are we measuring their health? So, for the next meeting I’d like to use the meeting to hear how all of you are managing this.

I look forward to it

 Canio Caputo

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4 replies

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Thanks, Dan and Canio!  What is the date and time of the next on-prem leadership call?
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Hi Elaine - whoops, forgot that small detail. :)

The next call is Aug 17 @ 2:00 PM ET.
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Do we still need someone to host this call?

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Yes, I believe so. I can't make the next call otherwise I'd send out a conference bridge invitation. 

Anyone willing to step in?