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New Scorecard Visualization Mass Edit feedback

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At a quick glance of the new Scorecard Visualizations I see a couple of issues right off the bat.


  1. For a manually configured Letter-based score, the letters are not in alphabetical order:


    Also it’s weird that in the filter box they are in reverse (almost) alphabetical order (it was that way in the “old” Mass Edit view as well, which I always thought was odd)

  2. We don’t even have an “E” score - why is that displaying above?
  3. According to the Update Scores and Add Notes docs, if you check the “Add Notes” box it’s supposed to bring up a new Timeline Activity window. It’s not doing that in my environment.
  4. The “Stale” visual indicator is too subtle. I had to look VERY close to tell that if it’s stale there are diagononal lines going through the score.  The ! in a circle was so much easier to recognize.
    Not Stale


  5. The filters are misleading for end users, making it seem like you can search by Grade (Letter), Color OR Numeric scheme, when in fact it only works for the scoring scheme you’re on.  We are on Letter Grade scheme, and In the “old” Scorecard Mass Edit, the filter only allows me to select a letter grade as a filterable option.  Color and Numeric aren’t even options:

    But the “new” mass edit lists ALL schemes as options - but Color and Numeric do not work when you attempt to use them, which will mislead users and lead to more support tickets.



  1. The way Timeline was accessible via the old Mass Edit report was better - you could hover over the timeline icon and see the comments history.  That appears to now be gone and you can only see the “Last Comment.”  This is not a great functionality change because now end users will have to navigate to the C360 in order to see the TL history:
    Old View
    New View (Last Comment only)


These are just a few issues I’ve identified spending about half an hour with this.  Our end users will mostly see this “enhancement” as a downgrade compared to the current functionality.  I don’t feel we can roll this out to our end users until most of this is addressed.

(The “Add Comment” while making a score change will be a nice adjustment, once it’s working).

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@shantan_reddy thanks for the continued dialogue and support on this issue. All that makes sense.  A couple of follow ups:


  • I see now if you click outside the score bubble it attempts to pull up Timeline History (yes, you’re correct not very intuitive) however when I do it in mine, the actual activities never load: (NOTE: I cleared browser cache right before this test)
    NEW VIEW: https://share.getcloudapp.com/eDu8pAyL
    OLD VIEW: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KouZ5G7l
  • This may be more general Horizon Dashboard feedback, but I notice that when I go to modify report filters, I have to manually expand “Filters on Fields” to see the filters, when in the Old (current) UI, the filters are automatically visible.  That seems like an unnecessary step/click in the new UI:
    NEW FILTER: https://share.getcloudapp.com/12uomqg6
    OLD FILTER: https://share.getcloudapp.com/geu4QJP0
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Moving this to a new post as it is unrelated to the Mass Edit report.


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Moving this to a new post as it is unrelated to the Mass Edit report.

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@shantan_reddy I observed that the Scorecard Mass Edit filter functions a little differently in Horizon than it did in the current version:


In the current environment, if I check a value from one of the measure columns and filter on that value, I then uncheck that value to return to normal:


In Horizon, I cannot unselect the value - I have to delete the value from the box (and the filter list still appears when I click in the box) and hit enter for the change to apply.  This is clunky, not intuitive and not an improvement on the current functionality.


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@darkknight We’ll look into this. Thanks for the feedback.