Need A Way To Filter MDA Data Off Of Current User

  • 11 February 2016
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I have had a few clients looking to do the same filtering that is available when reporting on SFDC objects.  The big ask is something similar to CSM = Current User.

I'm assuming that we pass the session ID of the logged in user to get the filter to work appropriately on SFDC data, however in MDA I have not been able to figure out a workaround that behaves the same.

Is this on the roadmap or are there any known workarounds?

8 replies

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We don't have a notion of a "user" in MDA. A perfect solution for this would require an ser object in MDA. That said, let me check if there are any workarounds.

Also, can you clarify the use cases involved here?  

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My use case:
We have our Google Analytics data aggregating into a "Day Agg" table in Gainsight. I have reports based on that table that I would like to add to the My Customers tab, and I don't want to deal with the complication and the storage limits of loading the data to Usage in order to make it visible in My Customers. However, in Reports 2.0, I'm not able to create a report on the Day Agg table and add a filter on "Customer Success Manager = Current User", because the Account object is not available for filtering.
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Thanks for the use case, Seth!
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Hi Scott,

We our CSM's User ID mapped to the "Agg" table and set the mapping to be "User ID", and we still are unable to filter by "Current User".

Is this the same use case as yours?
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Hi Will, yours is the the same use case as I am seeing with a few other customers.
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Use case for us would be very much similar to Seth's - creating reports which are filtered by CSM = Current User while those reports are based on MDA tables.
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Hi Sumesh,
Do you think that the upcoming feature of DataSpaces that I saw in the product roadmap webinar could help on this front?
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We are definitely looking at adding capability to do this kind of current user filtering for MDA data in our releases next quarter (although subject to change).

Currently, you could write to MDA with the basic user information using Rules and allow your users to use dashboard filters to pare down to their information. With dashboard filters, you do need to have that filter option on each report.