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Multiple Success Plans per Snapshot

  • 7 March 2017
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It has come to my attention via the support channel that it may be beneficial to apply multiple Success Plans for one customer into one Success Snapshot so that the PPT can have multiple slides that cover each Success Plan for that particular customer.

Are there any technical limitations or drawbacks to implementing this?


6 replies

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kCura just asked for this today!
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I like this idea.

One thought to keep in mind is that some success plans might be internal and not intended for customer facing (like turning around an 'at risk' account). If we provide this capability we should provide a way to filter out some success plans. 

Maybe a multi-select where the user could select which success plans to include in the export at the time of export?
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Hi All, this enhancement has been partially implemented in 6.4 release. Ability to add success plans to Success Snapshot is implemented only in SFDC and ablility to add mulitple is Success palns is available now. Please refer this article for more information.

Thanks for bringing this up, happy posting!

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Now, you can add Success Plans to Success Snapshots in NXT Edition as well. Please find the doc link here.

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@sai_ram @minh_phan  may we know if this is on the roadmap to be able to export more than one Success Plan within a single snapshot?

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@darkknight we have it in our roadmap to support multiple Success Plans in a single Success Snapshot. There is no timeline on this yet.