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  • 12 July 2018
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Got this request in from Thilak at Cisco:

I have the following queries with survey functionalities -

1. We want to have "BACK" button in survey. But currently this functionality is not present in the tool, so is there any workaround to this? I have also found a thread in community saying it is on your roadmap, but the thread was 2 year old. I guess still this functionality is not available.

2. We wanted to have an option to save the survey progress and continue the process again by clicking the same link. Currently, the auto save and "save for later" button does not work that way. Once the user exits the survey without submitting, he cannot retake the survey and continue from saved page. Is there any alternative solution to this?


1 reply

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Thanks for sharing this use case. This is not something which we have in the short term roadmap. I will share details once we get some clarity on the timings for the same.

Abhishek S