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More descriptive error messages for X-Org migration job

  • 12 January 2022
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X-ORG Fails with no error message.

There was an incident where X-org Migration took place and 5 reports failed to migrate. However, there was no error indicating the reason for error. we had to look from the Sumo logs to see the reasons for those 5 failed incidents. It would be great if we can make sure that the reason for failure is not missed in the error logs. Request for improvement in the error logs. 

2 replies

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@sahil_nazir , did you raise a Support case about this? That’s for the specific investigation.

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@sahil_nazir Error message improvement is an ongoing process, with X-Org 2.0 some error message improvements are addressed.

With X-Org, many times error is encountered in a dependent product area, please raise tickets in such scenarios. The dependent product area teams can then work on the same.