Modifying formula in Calculated field - Admin Hours 2/4/16 1pm CT

  • 4 February 2016
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During today's admin hours session, I brought up a question about being able to change the formula used to calculate percentages in the Calculated Field option. We're taking the # of enrollments into our certification courses, and would like to use the successful completion percentage to help set score of one of our measures. The successful completions are tracked as "certificates" in the account record in SF. I would like to use certificates as "B" and enrollments as "A", and simply have a function of B/A for percentage of successful courses. Right now using the formula of ((A-B) / 😎 * 100, and switching the 2 variables, would result in a negative integer as the numerator. We need A-B/A or simply B/A, or the ability to create a formula of any shape with the variables that are loaded into Gainsight. 

3 replies

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Good suggestion Greg!
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Switching A and B would get the positive numbers right??

Ability to change / create the formula of your choice is part of the enhancement. ETA is Q2 - Q3 of this year. Will keep you posted on the exact dates.
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Hey Sundar, thanks for taking a peek at my suggestion. The two variables I'm working with are "Enrollments" and "Certificates (successful completion of enrollment)". If I use them in the order ((E-C)/C) it would be the number of failed enrollments divided by successful completions, which isn't the answer we're looking for.  We would like for the result to be reflected as "success rate" of enrollments, to use in helping determine the heath score for an account. Switching the variables would result in an equation that might look like this: ((5-7)/7), where 7 enrollments resulted in 5 certificates. The numerator would then be negative, leaving a negative answer and still would be the "failure rate" rather than success. This might work for now, but is fairly messy creating rules for scores greater than or less than negative values.