Mass Update Success Plan on Gainsight NXT

  • 25 January 2021
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Hi Team,


Customer is looking for bulk update on Success plan for a specific field via a CSV. Customer’s own words below.


We would like to request if we could mass update success plan in our production environment.

I have attached 2 files, I've filtered it out to get the SP name and GSID of the records.

Genesys_Actual_GoLive_FieldUpdate.csv - This file contains the Success Plans where the field (Actual Go Live) needs to be updated.

Genesys_Target_GoLive_FieldUpdate.csv - This file contains the Success Plans where the field (Target Go Live) needs to be updated.


Is it possible to do so?

4 replies

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Hi Abhi,

There is no way to upload a file to create success plans. But you can have a rule that reads the file and creates new Success Plans with the relevant details (note you cannot update fields of existing plans via rules as of today)

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@abhi1289 did you get a chance to view the comments here?

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Yeah got it, said that Success Plan API’s will be available soon in near future to achieve the certain possibility

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With Success Plan API existing success plans can be updated through put method. This API updates the existing Success Plans in Gainsight. Success Plan ID (GSID) and Reference ID are two mandatory parameters of this API to identify which Success Plan needs to be updated and format the results. Admins can pass a list of fields and their values that need to be updated for the Success Plan. Admins can also add a new Success Plan template to an existing Success Plan but cannot remove an already applied template. Success or Failure (with reason) of the update is sent in the response.