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mass update feature for CSM to productively maintain account hygiene

  • 30 March 2016
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First of all, I'm not talking about CTA mass edit or anything admin does. I'm looking for a way which CSMs can leverage to mass edit their accounts. Similar to the customers tab, where they can multi-select and tag the accounts. 

Example use cases: 
1) weekly or monthly, the CSM needs to update SFDC fields (e.g. risk evaluation, reference ready level, etc) for each account. It would be much easier if they can do that in one consolidated table via multi-selection and overwrite. Firing CTA reminders with fields linked in is not very helpful as it's going to create a high volume of CTAs, some of which won't require updates. 

2) stretching it to non-account object: periodically, say monthly or quarterly, the CSM needs to update the contact, e.g. copilot communication preferences, NPS survey selection etc. given the not-so-low POC turnover at our client's side. These are important data hygiene issues yet clicking into individual contact records for each account, where you have more than 25-40 accounts or more, is just a burden. Even if in reality it may only take 30min per month, it tends to create a huge mental barrier as it's tiring to even thinking about all these very manual clicks. 

How to bring down the administrative time would be a challenge every CS organization would face. So would appreciate some consolidated efforts and finding a technical solve. Thanks. 

2 replies

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Good idea. You can do this today as you mentioned in customers tab and also in scorecards, but I understand you want this more broadly. Similar to customers and scorecards, we are looking to create new out-of-the-box report for other important capabilities. We will look to make these read+write, where relevant. This is not a short term item, but I hope to start seeing these come out over time starting in 2H 2016. Your use cases will help prioritize. thx
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Did this feature ever get built??