Manually updating scorecard comments and health via a CTA created on a specific relationship

  • 1 August 2017
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I searched but was not able to find if there is the ability to update manually a scorecard (comments/health) via a CTA. Can Scorecard be added to CTAs created by Relationships

4 replies

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Thanks for posting, Brandy. We can only display the health score on each CTA currently. Making it editable is definitely an interesting idea. From what types of CTAs do you see yourself/your team wanting to edit health scores? Also, do you think tying a single Scorecard measure per CTA would suffice, or is the need to display the full structure (corresponding to the Relationship the CTA is on)?

PS: We can build rules to update scores based on changes to CTAs, but I'm assuming you want to update manually while working through specific scenarios.
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Hello Manu, my organization uses a one - to - many relationship when it comes to Customers & Offerings. In other words there will be One CSM assigned to 3 R360(Offerings) and each one of those have different renewal dates which we create manual CTAs or automatic CTAs for. Well one of the tasks within those CTAs is to update the scorecard health(color) and health comments in the case of potential churn, or churn so it would be nice to have an additional tab like timeline that has healthscore within the CTA itself since I am using Cockpit for my day to day work and its much easier than navigating through the search bar to each customer C360 then going to each R360 going to scorecard tab editing etc.
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+1 to this idea. We have recurring CTAs that  ask the CSMs to update the manual metric on a weekly basis.

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@obarrette Thanks for the input. It is part of our roadmap, but it will likely take some time for us to implement this.