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Make rules engine summary banner optional or the toggle setting sticky

  • 13 October 2021
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I would like to request the newly added summary banner within Rules Engine to be a feature that we can either enable/disable or have the existing toggle setting be sticky.  

4 replies

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Hello @CarollynnC, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

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Hi @CarollynnC 

The summary banner in Rules Engine can be toggled off by clicking this visualization icon. 

We are working on preserving more user actions on the Rules listing page. This will include the column width and the visualization on/off

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Thank you! Ideally, having the toggle setting retain the last user action would be ideal.  The info displayed in the banner I’ve found is nice to look at periodically, especially at the start of the day, but cumbersome to have remain in the limited space when working through rules. 

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