Logging other user emails using Gmail plugin

  • 6 January 2021
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Hi Team,

As of now we are handling below scenarios in Gmail plugin -

1) If user tries to log a mail that is being sent then it checks if emails in To are in Company/Relationship person and resolves it accordingly.

2) If user tries to log a mail that is received then it checks if email address in From are in in Company/Relationship person and resolves it accordingly.

But there is another scenario which rarely happens and can we consider this as enhancement.

Scenario - If an Email is sent from an internal user(Prathap) to Company Person(Gains) looping in another internal user(Kumar) who is CSM for that Company.

Now Prathap hasn’t logged it as Timeline and since Kumar is CSM tries to log this email as Timeline from his Inbox. As per above 2nd point, plugin considers From address while logging a received email, so it checks for Prathap in both Company and Relationship person, since Prathap is internal user it goes to Drafts. Here though Gains is in Company person, plugin doesn’t search for it since its in To address. So please consider it as enhancement where when user logs a received mail and incase if From address is not in Company person then please check for other email addresses in To.


Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this.




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Hello @prathap 

We have considered this use case, soon we will support search capability, where user can search for company/relationship when they don’t find required company/relationship. 

Hi @prathap,

Thank you for summarizing what we can achieve today with the Gmail plugin. 

We have this scenario that our CSMs have been requesting for quite some time now. It would be very helpful to have the below scenario on the road map.

Are there any plans to update the Gmail plug-in? 

I've noticed that if the sender is from ‘internal company (ABD)’  but not me, I can't pull up a customer name.  For example, Paula XYZ (PM) just sent an email to Stacy Ace directly and cc'd me.  When I use the plug-in, Stacy isn't in the company drop-down.  If I'm sending the email directly myself, I can link it.


Appreciate your help on this. Let me know if we can provide more examples to help prioritize this request.

Thank you,