Logging emails by bcc in Timeline

  • 30 November 2016
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Any update on this heavily requested feature of this email-into-Gainsight option?
+1 this seems like a core feature.
If you had this I would basically live in Gainsight. Without it I live in SFDC and occasionally check GS. I need a consolidated view of activities. We use bcc for SFDC so I can easily see all emails that have been sent.
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outlook integration would be excellent. I'm concerned about how emails would associated to the correct relationship timeline activity though...
This needs to be a standard in Gainsight as logging email actions secondary to sending via Outlook or SFDC is an extra task that many will overlook more times than not.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ability to update timeline when emails are generated.

We need the ability to automatically post to timeline from our emails.  The use case would be send an email to the customer and Gainsight timeline is automatically updated with this activity.  I see other conversations on this but would like to know where this enhancement is.
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Hi All,

We are actively working on this enhancement. It is a little complex to implement with a lot of things to consider so the implementation is taking some time. Tentatively should be available by August end/ Sep start.

That's a good news!!
I also need this feature so much.

Best regards,
I'm not sure if this is covered here or in another topic - after sending an email from within a Gainisght CTA and it is posted to Timeline, it would be great to have the ability to link a reply to that Timeline activity from within Outlook in a similar way to how the Oulook for SFDC integration allows you to post an email you receive to a contact / account / case etc
Is this still targeted for August 2018?
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Hi Jonathan,

We are working on this and it is targeted for September Release. So, available to customers in early October.

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Awesome! This is a big ask for us and will be a huge selling point for adoption. Thank you!!!!!
Our team would like this as well -- please keep us all posted on the status
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Confirming this enhancement will be available on Oct. 16 in production orgs that take automatic upgrades!
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Unfortunately, I spoke (or wrote) too soon! Our product team determined we need better tools for customers to understand why some emails won't appear in Timeline. So, we won't be able to deliver this enhancement on Oct. 16. As soon as we have the new release date, we'll share it here. We apologize for the delay, and appreciate your patience. We are committed to building intuitive and comprehensive functionality that works for you!
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I can tell you this is a blow to us.  We are really desperate for this feature to reduce duplicating effort of email and Activity in GS.
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same for us - cannot wait for this functionality to eliminate duplicating efforts  
We got super excited at this news yesterday too. Can't wait for it to go live!
Ugh.  I celebrated too soon.
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Noooooo, same here, would be very helpful to reduce duplicate work.
Hello everyone! My name is Maksim Ovsyannikov and I recently joined Gainsight to work with Karl, and with our engineering and product teams to build the future of Gainsight. My official responsibility is for our roadmap, product management, and for our product design initiatives. I would like to chime in and offer more detail as to why we are delaying the email to timeline feature. Specifically, we identified two areas that need minor enhancements to make this feature great.  One area has to do with configuring this functionality, keeping the effort required to enable email to timeline feature for your organization as small as possible. We are exploring ways to simplify this configuration process so that your adoption could be maximized. The second area of enhancements has to do with notifying the user and administrator of situations where email to timeline did not result in a timeline entry, surfacing reasons for these occurrences so that the user can correct them. It's almost like a bounced email - you want to know that something you sent didn't go through and why. I hope this is helpful and offers more information to all of you. It's a very exciting feature and I will chime in here with new delivery date target at the latest early next week. We are targeting to deliver this feature very soon!
Hello everyone, I wanted to chime in again with an update. We are making good progress to make this feature prime time ready, and we are now targeting to start customer beta early in November. I will post more information here about how to nominate your company for the beta program.
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We would be so interested in Beta if that became available! Excited for this release! 
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Yes! Definitely interested in beta testing this.
We're Interested! Please keep me updated, thanks!