Log User Out After 8 Hours

  • 6 October 2020
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Hi All,


We are looking to improve security and want to have the ability to have a customizable option for a timeout period for our users. Specifically we are looking to log the user out after 8 or 10 hours and then re-authenticate. 

Is there any way to do this today?


7 replies

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We don't have this feature now. We will add this enhancement request to the roadmap. Timing is TBD.



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Thank you @sumesh  - Ideally this would be a customizable option where the admin of the tenant organization is able to set this to their specifications (so I can set it to 4 hours and another customer can set to 12 for example).

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Thanks for the feedback @cnichols . We will ensure that the timeout option is configurable.

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In Salesforce, session time is customizable per instance as well as @cnichols suggested. You can adjust when the session will timeout through a dropdown with some pre-defined values. Something similar would work great in Gainsight. 




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Thanks @jean.nairon - Our biggest struggle seems to be that every system has a different timeout value. Also the users within Gainsight (no SFDC account) this doesn’t seem to help from a timeout perspective. 

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We would like this feature to help keep our infosec team happy.  It is not easy to share with them that we can’t have this setting configurable to our need.  We have some systems that logout after inactivity of 10 min.  

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Hi @john.cowles,

Thanks for writing in. We will prioritise it in our roadmap. Will keep you posted.