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  • 7 October 2020
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Hi Team,


Currently when ever we use Chrome plugin to log emails to Gainsight, We will be having a check box button “ Log to Gainsight “ where we need to check that to log emails to Gainsight. Is there a way to get it checked automatically (i.e by default the check box is checked) 



Use Case : Most of the time customers are forgetting to check the check box and sending the email. If it is checked by default then they can avoid missing the emails to log to Gainsight. Please let me know your thoughts 

6 replies

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Hi @sandeepchidiri - this was the original default setting but in beta testing this resulted in undesirable consequences where emails that should have not been logged (including sometimes confidential emails) were sent to Timeline because  the user forgot to uncheck the box. The feedback was universal that the default should be unchecked instead of checked. 

Hey Dan, I fully understand why you wouldn’t want it to default on to start, but it would be incredibly helpful to have the ability to turn if on for all emails. We have CSMs that are sending dozens of emails a day and they cite having to click the button each time as a big pain point. In the software we previously used to log emails into Salesforce, this functionality existed and people loved it.

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I think an option that the user could choose their default setting would be a great compromise. Some of our users are continuing to use a random auto-bcc plugin for this reason, but it would be great to have everyone moved over to the proper one. 

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Hello All,
We are looking into possibilities of making this as a configuration. Once i have concrete information i will keep you posted here.

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@soumitrasahu do you know if this is still being considered as a user configurable option?

Please make it priority to update this. Other gmail add-on (like outreach) have figured the process out to always be “on”. thanks!