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Log emails to Timeline using original email timestamp vs date/time of activity sync

  • 22 November 2021
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Curious if this is a common use case for others, but my team has requested for any emails that are synced to Timeline to use the original email timestamp vs using the date & time that email sync was executed.


The CSMs at Propeller will often bulk forward their emails into Gainsight at the end of day/end of week because they manage quite a few customers. This causes all of their entries to have a similar date/time stamp, even though that is not necessarily when the email engagement took place. The result is a slightly inaccurate picture of engagement.

2 replies

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Yes, I’m working with a client looking for this as well for the exact reason you mentioned.  

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Definitely need this functionality as it will save our CSM’s time by not having to manually update the their timeline activities.