Link Back from Task CTA to the Timeline Entry

  • 17 September 2020
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Hi Team,

            As of today, tasks created on Timeline Entries are treated as CTAs and a CTA entry is created in the Cockpit.


However, user would find it beneficial if they can Navigate from Task CTA to that particular  TimeLine Entry where it was created



2 replies

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@Rakesh Govindaraju This can be done by going to that CTA’s detail page and selecting the timeline tab. The specific timeline entry from which the task was created is shown there.

I’ve noticed that this doesn’t work in a 2-way fashion. 

For instance, create a timeline activity with “Tasks”, the activity appears int the CTA view (tasks as well). Yet if I add a task via the CTA view, the timeline entry is not updated with the new task.



  1. Create a timeline activity (Meeting), add notes then add 3 tasks (Task A, Task B and Task C) from the meeting
  2. Navigate to the CTA view, find the “CTA” of the activity, view Tasks, add Task D.
  3. Navigate back to Timeline entry, you’ll only see Tasks A-C in the task list.

Is this by Design?