Let Engagement rules do more Actions

  • 26 June 2015
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We are working on a series of rules (based off usage data) that set a flag on an Account after a certain rule has fired for a customer.  What's great is that we can use  "Customer Info" and set the flag there - and we're currently able to do this with a custom rule but not an engagement rule.  Although I've figured out a workaround to get this to work this doesn't seem like it should need a workaround.  I should be able to set an action to update Customer Info (and maybe other objects) from an engagement rule based off usage data.

1 reply

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Thanks for your suggestion, Luis. Our goal has been to get custom rules to do everything an engagement rule can do, and much more. One gap that exists today is around dealing with trends over time: With the introduction of calculated metrics, custom rules can now do Account level trend calculations, but not Instance or User level. Is that the main reason why you still use engagement rules with usage data, or is it because of the data-load-based trigger mechanism that engagement rules execute on (as opposed to schedule-based custom rules)?