Keyboard Shortcuts?

  • 29 August 2019
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Does anyone know if there are keyboard shortcuts available for use in Gainsight? Is there a full list anywhere?

8 replies

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Hi, Keyboard shortcuts to use Gainsight like - opening navs, quick navigation and quick search like that ? we don't have such things but if you have some shortcuts you want to have, we can consider that to add it.


Yes, those would be helpful in the future.

This post was mostly meant to discover ways to navigate through Gainsight without using a mouse. Do you have shortcuts like that?

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@opilger :  Thanks a lot for bringing this up. Would you be able to share some keyboard shortcuts that you might find useful / would like to have? 

@opilger :  Thanks a lot for bringing this up. Would you be able to share some keyboard shortcuts that you might find useful / would like to have? 

@aditya_marla Yes! I would find it quite useful to be able to do the following:

  1. When a given CTA is selected, it would be great to be able to shift between the Timeline, Customer, and Call To Action sections. Maybe something like Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3?
  2. A shortcut to allow me to add a certain type of activity to a Timeline. For example, to add an “Email,” maybe Ctrl+Shift+E? Or Ctrl+Shift+U for an “Update?”
  3. Ways to navigate the CTA detail page other than clicking or using the browser’s tab function. I would like to be able to change the CTA Status from a keyboard command, select the CTA comments box via keyboard, and navigate the Timeline with only keyboard. Regarding the Timeline, it could be useful to have something like Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go down an item, Ctrl+Alt+Tab to go up an item, and right or left arrow keys to open or close a given activity, respectively.
  4. I also want to be able to navigate a list of CTAs (i.e. multiple Cockpit items) with the up/down arrow keys. It would be helpful to be able to select these CTAs without using the mouse.


There’s plenty more that I could add here. Overall, I would love to treat Gainsight like its own standalone software and have keyboard shortcuts available to perform every function that one could with keyboard + mouse. The ideal would be for a given user to be able to navigate all of Gainsight successfully without needing a mouse. This will (1) help advanced Gainsight users become more efficient in the system and (2) improve accessibility for those who have problems using a mouse!

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Hi @opilger : Thanks a lot for sharing these examples.

You’re welcome! I was thinking that other shortcuts that allowed me to attach documents to activities, trash a timeline activity, and log activities to timeline would be immensely helpful. For example, we could use “Alt+Q” to open the attachment option or “Ctrl+Enter” to log the activity. Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks for the inputs! We will add this to our product backlog. 

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I received a request similar to this today from my team! Specifically asking for a shortcut to submit Timeline entries after you update the Company in Drafts. Would be great to just select the Company and then have a shortcut to log, rather than having to scroll down and click submit.