Journey Orchestrator - Custom Status for QA Workflow (Ready for QA, Approved)

  • 19 October 2021
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It would be great to have an update to allow custom status for JO programs so that we can better identify programs as “ready for QA” and “approved”.


We want to have draft indicate that the process of being worked, reviewed, and approved in addition to the current statuses. These would not kick anything off, but would help with establishing a QA workflow between different team members.


We limit who has the ability to publish, so this would help better organize how many programs we have in the pipeline being worked

2 replies

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Hello @andreammelde, thank you for your post on Community. Forwarding this to the Product Manager to look into and get back to you on this. 

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Hi @andreammelde ,

Thanks for the post. 


As a rough workaround, have you tried using the folders to organise the JO programs? For example, lets say we have 3 folders - Draft, QA ready and Approved.

You can move around the programs based on the state they are in by dragging and dropping the program into appropriate folders. While this is strictly not permission driven, it should allow you to organise your programs better.


For a productised way of handling this, we are currently in the process of a redesign exercise and we are looking to support searchable ‘tags’ that a user can assign to a program. For example these tags can be Draft, Approved etc. Do you think this would simply the process flow?


Secondly, we are also looking to add few more granular controls in the ‘Permissions bundle’ under admin that would restrict the JO program ‘Publish’ capability to only a set of ‘configured users’ - This is on our roadmap backlog.

Let me know if this helps.