JO participant not receiving the email ??

  • 21 April 2021
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  • Gainsight Employee: Shoshin
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Hi Gainsight Admin community,


Many at times we encounter a situation while sending emails from Gainsight i.e a Participant who should ideally be receiving the email couldn’t receive one.


Whenever the email gets into a list of hard bounce for various reasons that email gets added into the list Deny list.


[ FYI - In the hard bounce, When the email doesn't land into the inbox, it could be because of an invalid email address, an invalid domain name, or a recipient's email server has completely blocked delivery. It is a permanent deliverability issue. Even entered the correct email address, but if that recipient deletes their account, your email never lands in their inbox.

There might be two reasons for the hard bounce of a valid email.

  1. Denied by Firewall: Your email may be getting blocked by any spam filter which exists on your recipient's computer.
  2. ISPs are blocking your emails: If any of the significant ISP blocks the emails, then there is a possibility of a hard bounce. But this happens for a specific period ]

Gainsight provides you an option to verify the validity of an email

go to Adminsitration → Email Validator → enter the email address. It will provide the status of the validity and then you can safely remove the email from the deny list to let them receive the email going forward.


Happy Gainsighting :)


2 replies

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Hello @shivani

We have already addressed this and this fix needs to be released yet. I will keep you posted about the release plan.

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Hello @shivani 
The fix planned for upcoming release is to fix the logic which was moving valid email addresses as well to bounce list. 
Once this logic is fixed we will release tenant level list of email addresses added to bounce list, after which we will expose ability to delete capability.