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JO: All to configure to skip email if unsubscribed to category, do not drop from program

  • 14 October 2021
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Right now, if a customer has unsubscribed to a category and the program has that category, but also has other emails under other categories the customer has not opted out, they will be “failed” due to be unsubscribed to “one of the categories”.


It would be a much better experience if they just skipped the email, especially for Surveys. We utilize the “heads up” functionality which needs to be a Marketing email but the survey (NPS) is consider operational. Bc of the multiple unsubscribe categories, we don’t even get to send the participant the survey

1 reply

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Hey @andreammelde, thanks for posting on Community. Sounds like a great idea, forwarding this to the Product team to look into and circle back with their thoughts on the same.