JIRA Integration possible?

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Hi, I realized this request was made over a year ago. Beyond Azuqua, are there any plans to have Gainsight directly integrate with JIRA?
Sam - I definitely agree that it is highly critical to be able to connect JIRA to Gainsight so that your customer success managers have insight into the status of customer issues. Azuqua (one of Gainsight's technology partners) offers a JIRA integration that allows you to build custom, bi-directional workflows between JIRA and Gainsight. Gainsight actually uses Azuqua internally to do just that. You can get started today with a free trial at, or let me know if you're interested in seeing a demo by emailing
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Just sharing some thinking here in case useful to others. It's not a perfect solution, but we hope/plan to use the recently announced update to Gainsight's zendesk integration (which will be able to pull in customer fields) as a workaround for the Jira need, more specifically - we already pass jira ticket numbers into ZD customer fields, so will use ZD-> to expose these to CSMs in the C360 & in support CTAs 
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We have a similar need, with one of our scorecard owners (in engineering) wishing to link Risk CTAs she receives to existing Jira tickets, otherwise we're asking CSMs to duplicate 'repeat' concerns  (raise a risk & raise 'another' ticket). An additional requested function from the integration is top have the summary view which appears in the Gainsght for Zendesk app in Jira, so the engineers have additional context alongside the ticket.   
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Hi Marie,

One way we would leverage this is to link the account to the appropriate Jira task and when a bug or feature is updated/released we could send proactive communications to the customers who reported/requested the bug/feature.
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Hi Marie-

It would be nice to link JIRA tickets to the appropriate account. All of the same sorts of operational reporting that relate to the processing of required projects, timing, delivery, etc. If you think about how JIRA is used by enterprises, it should be quite straightforward.
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Hi all, we don't currently have a productized integration with JIRA. For our own internal integration with JIRA, we leverage our partner, Azuqua, to push certain JIRA issues.

It is something I would like to consider adding as a formal integration in the future. What use cases/data sharing are you interested in supporting?
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Badge item on our Gainsight scoring roadmap is a scoring element based on open JIRA tickets that are linked to the Customer Cases.
We also leverage Jira and having an API to Gainsight would be very beneficial.