Is there any work around that allows (Rich text area) in filter field in reporting.

  • 28 November 2019
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I’m looking for a way to report on just NPS responses that have comments attached to them. The filter I’d like to be able to use is ‘Comment != NULL’ but Rich Text Area fields are not eligible to be used in filters on Reports or Rules. Is there a workaround to this somehow? I

6 replies

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If you create a transform task from the survey dataset, you should be able to add a filter for Comment != NULL. 

With Data Designer you should be able to make the output into a Report for a Dashboard item.

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Thanks for the input, Could you please put little more focus on ‘If you create a transform task from the survey dataset, you should be able to add a filter for Comment != NULL. ’ Or any link which specifies the task please?


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Hi @imran1184  - 

We are still using Survey 1.0, so comments are stored as a TextArea, which can then be filtered in a Transform task.


But - I noticed that when using the object in MDA for Survey 2.0 (NPS Survey Response), the comment is  stored as RichText which then cannot be filtered in a Transform task nor can it filtered using Criteria on an Action in Rules Engine. You also can’t use Case Expression to mark responses that have comments as there are no operators available for the Comment field.

Maybe look at the flattened survey? For Survey 1.0, the comment field on the flattened survey object is just text so it can be filtered from the initial dataset task rather than through a Transform. Not sure if the same holds true for Survey 2.0 since we haven’t migrated yet.


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@john_apple we definitely look at this problem, priority will be increased based on more number of customers interest. 

@All, please up-vote here to increase the priority. 

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I hope this can be fixed soon! I need to filter accounts that have changed status from live to terminated for example, so I need to filter for old and new values in account history. Since it’s a text field I’m not able to pull this in the filter. In the past I had use length of text and then filtered on the length, but it’s not intuitive for other users reading my rules. My other option would be to write this in sql and import the dataset this way, but it’s annoying to go this longer route for such simple datasets.

Salesforce allows filtering in reports on text fields but limits it to 1000 characters thus restricting the resource strain that this causes...perhaps this is something Gainsight could also do?