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Is there a way to remove the Comments section from the R360 Summary Section?

  • 31 August 2016
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I like the new Summary Section that was added in the Aug 25 release for R360 but we now have Comments in the Summary Section and the Account Details Section.  I could remove the Comments in the Account Details section but I would prefer to remove from the Summary Section.  Is there a way to do this?

3 replies

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Hi Leslie,

I don't see a way to remove the Comments field from the R360 (or C360) Summary section currently. I'm going to switch your post to an Idea (enhancement). Thanks!
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Just wanted to comment that we would also love the ability to remove not only the comments section from the 360 but also the tags section. I think the ability to do so would further help our ability to enforce the use of Timeline.  Thanks!
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We should be able to remove the comments. It's confusing for users