Is there a way to create a secondary dependent picklist based on CTA Status

  • 30 October 2019
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Based on a CTA Closure Status (Example, Closed No Action), we would like to require a secondary picklist to be selected from (Example, reasons why the CTA was set to Closed No Action)

7 replies

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This would be nice. 

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Changed to Idea post and redirecting to our product team

This would be great - not particularly status in our use case but other CTA standard fields. I would love to be able to have CTA sub-types or sub-reasons but right now it’s impossible to have a sub-type or sub-reason picklist controlled by type or reason. Right now we’re trying to get 3 levels of data on type/reason (eg it’s a risk> it’s an implementation risk> here’s why it’s an implementation risk) but we’re really struggling to do that without being able to create sub-types or sub-reasons.

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Thank you for the feedback @mindym. The use case is valid but we haven’t heard a lot of customers asking for this. We will watch this post for further upvotes and pick it up accordingly in the roadmap.

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+1 for me!

@kate_peter  - this is the feature request we discussed. Because we can’t build sub-reasons the workaround that we’ve established is basically giving our reasons this naming convention “Reason 1: Sub-reason 1”, “Reason 1: Sub-reason 2”, etc. This is not going to be a good user experience though and is going to leave us with a long list of reasons the CSM has to scroll through in order. Please please can we get dependent picklist fields controlled by standard CTA fields. 

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@mindym Thanks for the use case. We will check what can be done here and try to incorporate dependency on standard fields.