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Is it possible to import historical surveys from another product into Gainsight?

  • 7 February 2017
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Working with a customer who had used a different survey tool historically and is asking if they can pull this survey data from the past into Gainsight in some fashion so that it's available for use within Gainsight. Is this possible?

7 replies

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This is possible, however we can only do it for the NPS question.  This article should help (reference 2b).  I've done this quite a few times, so let me know if you run into any issues.
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Awesome. Thanks Scott!
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Is there a way to create/build a non-nps survey with questions in GS survey area, and then use data loader to import in data from an external survey to those survey objects?
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Any future plans to allow users to load in non-NPS surveys?
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An enhancement of this nature would be incredibly beneficial to our organization. Though we look forward to working in the GS survey tool, we will likely transition surveys from various teams over time. We have extensive survey results that have currently been captured by a different vendor and integrated with Salesforce. The transition will be slowed down significantly without this functionality, though not a showstopper. 

I did find the NPS historical import very easy and efficient! If similar functionality can be replicated, it would go a long way.
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I have a similar issue, we are migrating from a third party tool to surveys 2.0 and have historical data. Ideally the historical data and the new 2.0 data are stored on the same object for each survey type for reporting. Since the flattened survey objects are not editable, the best way I can see is to create a third object, load historical data, create rules to load the new 2.0 data from the flattened survey object and use this third object for reporting. Would this work or is there a better way to seamlessly incorporate historical data?

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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.19 release (SFDC / NXT). Use the new Load to Survey action type in Rules Engine to enable automated ingestion of external NPS® and CSAT survey responses into Gainsight in order to build enriched CX Analytics. 

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!