Is it possible to create a field by Adding Date field + No of Days field

  • 3 February 2020
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I am working with a customer in which specifically he wanted to add two fields like End Date (Forecasted) + Days Pending = test implementation end date, Here Days Pending is the number field he wants to add in Forecasted Date.

What we could do is, We could create a calculated field and it seems working but in this case we have to add Number value manually, however customer wants to get it added via field.

3 replies

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Hi Imran.

I also faced the same issue while working with a customer. In my case the source was SFDC, so I created a formula field that worked fine. But if the source was MDA, there is no other option right now.


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Hi guys, I’m facing the same issue. Would be great if this would find it’s way into the NXT product.

Edit: Linked here my question:

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@All, Since this an enhancement request, changing this to idea post