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  • 25 March 2016
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Hi Community! We are gauging interest in a Slack Integration with Gainsight. Please vote for this post if you'd like to see a Slack Integration and provide details in the comments for what you'd like to see!

Here's what we're thinking:
Gainsight would surface a notification in Slack when the user is assigned a CTA. The user can choose from two buttons that say 'Take me to the CTA'  (would redirect back into Gainsight) or 'Remind me later' (the notification would reappear after X hrs).

In Gainsight, we could add another option in our 'Notifications' configuration that would allow the user to check or uncheck 'Send notifications to Slack' (just like email notifications today) to allow the user control over the notifications.

8 replies

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We would possibly be interested if this integration was with HipChat.
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Hey Marie, we're major slack users, and as described, this would be useful (better received than email alert).

Even better... I'd love if we could send defined objects like Milestones to a defined slack channel. A great use case here could be sharing customer success stories...  
Hi Marie,

This sounds amazing. In addition, it would be great to send snapshots to a specific channel. I'm imagining weekly revenue pacing figures or progress updates that aren't necessarily tied to a CTA or Milestone.
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Spoke to a customer about this and we came up with the following requests:
    User can choose Slack or Email notifications The notification should send to Slack with a link back to the Gainsight CTA (as well as reminder notifications w/n the Slack UI) When a user is @mentioned in any Gainsight record, this should trigger a Slack notification. For custom alerts - should be based on certain # (hashtags) or @ mentions. For example, if a keyword is mentioned "Cloud-native" or “Container”, then get notified in Slack. - Use Case: Users who live in Slack, HipChat, etc., want be notified w/n those specific apps and then decide when to go to the Gainsight UI. It would be nice to see a summary of the notification w/n the Slack UI so that CSMs can decide if its just noise or something that needs to be drilled down to in GS.
Just now seeing this. Very much interested. Very much would like Gsnap a part of that as well. Happy to be an early adopter :) 
Just now seeing this. Very much interested. Very much would like Gsnap a part of that as well. Happy to be an early adopter :) 
Hello Lane! I'm not sure if HipChat is on Gainsight's roadmap, but Azuqua (one of Gainsight's technology partners) offers a customizable, bi-directional integration with HipChat. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to comment here or email I'd love to see if our connector meets your needs!
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We would be interested in this functionality if it can be implemented in HipChat.