Integration with Asana for Success Plans

  • 13 March 2020
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Exporting Success Plan data to Asana and as well as importing asana projects into Success plans. We have to use external tools sometimes to collaborate on objectives at a project level and using Asana helps us.

4 replies

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We would love an Asana + Gainsight integration as our CSMs are using Asana for task and project management. It would be amazing to be able to add account planning to the mix with parity in Gainsight for account plans specifically, so we could report alongside client health score and usage data. We do not use tools such as Zapier, Workato, or

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@aparimala - are you on the SFDC version of Gainsight?

There are a couple apps that integrate Salesforce and Asana. Some of them create an Asana custom object in Salesforce that you could link to the CSP tasks. Here are a few options that might help:

The only other way I know would be to manually import/export the data on a daily basis to it get’s loaded or leverage the APIs. Either way, if you are looking to just test a few things out, it might be easier to get Asana connected to Salesforce and then connect it to Gainsight SFDC or Nxt. 

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Hi @aparimala :

Is each success plan a project in Asana? You can create a report on success plan data and export it as an excel...but wanted to understand if the structure of a project in asana is similar to a success plan 

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@aparimala we need more inputs to help you better.