Integration between Timeline Activities and Google Calendar

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We have a use case where it would be helpful to see in Gainsight all of the upcoming customer calls/onsites, which we typically have stored in individual CSM calendars. Is there a way to do this presently in the system? If not, I know there's an ongoing thread about CTAs and GCal integrations that I think is similar (and not redundant) to this request.

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@soumitrasahu we have a similar requirement where all future calls that are planned/scheduled in our Gcal to be available in GS in calendar layout in C360 and global views. Like what we have today through our Gong integration which shows calls completed and calls in the future for a given account.

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@gopal_rao_kallepu , @Bhawya on this item

Any recent update on this? Our team could really use this integration for how we’ve implemented tracking of our customer health & customer journey program -- we’d love to be able to report on meetings that are scheduled in the future so that we can proactively find gaps and identify customers who don’t have any future meetings scheduled, as well as compare scheduled meetings with completed meetings. The draft Timeline entries created from scheduled meetings is also something that has been highly requested by our team!

We’d be interested in BETA testing anything as well! I had a CSM reach out to me asking if this functionality existed just recently.

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@ivalouk It’s in our roadmap but couldn’t be picked up because of other high priority items. We will update once we have visibility on timeline.