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Instance detail in Account level CTA

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I'd like to see the instances that could have triggered a rule for a specific Account. For example, we have a rule that checks poor page load across all instances but we run an account level CTA to keep from overwhelming the team. To help with triage we added a reports 2.0 widget to display this data. While this is valuable, if we can get more of the detail surfaced to the team in the actual CTA it would be valuable/make it more clear on what action the team is to take.

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I'm not totally sure if this is what you're suggesting, but I like the idea of being able to include a report in a CTA to give the CSM more context and insight into the next step. Especially as we move towards CoPilot, that context may help the CSM better understand their next step in context.

Basically, as the Cockpit and CTAs becomes more central to a CSM's day-to-day and even hour-by-hour work patterns, I think there's a need to push as much information into the CTA as possible (like your previous post at and bring other information into easy access (like this and like I think is trying to achieve by creating linkages to related objects.)
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To clarify: 

Rule is to trigger Account level CTA if any Instances have poor application performance.

Account A
  • Instance 1
  • Instance 2
  • Instance 3
If Instance 1 and Instance 3 trigger the rule and create a CTA I would like to a list of the Instances impacted (and also the value that triggered the CTA).

Comments would read something like:
  • Instance 1 had x second page load
  • Instance 3 had x second page load
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We would also benefit from seeing more detail in the CTA as well. It would be easier to action on items immediately from the cockpit rather than going into the 360 or Account Screen to determine the details and cause for the CTA.