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Increase UI View limit of synced participants in the program

  • 25 July 2019
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Hi Team,

It would be great if we can increase the UI View limit of synced participants. Current limit to view the participants (after synced) is up to 1000 records. Let;'s say if there are more than 1000 records, it's bit difficult to view them or knock off until you know their names or email to search in the bar.

Steps to repreoduce:

a) Build a query to load more than 1000 participants

b) Run the participant sync

c) Navigate to the participant where they will be in review state

d) Scroll down and you will see limit as "View 1 - 100 of 1,000"

On a side note, if we have button to download the complete list of synced participants that would be awesome. Because build a report on AO participant object will not end up in showing custom fields used in the program mapping.



3 replies

Hi Hardik,

Right now the number of records that can be viewed on the grid is controlled by report read limit flag , which is a configurable flag which also limits number of records fetched while using report builder. This number can be raised by submitting a request to support.

Download of complete list of synced participants is now availaible with the latest release , you can select the columns needed and download list in csv format.

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Hi Sagar,

Can you please elabore on how we could download the complete list of synced participants? I don't see the option in our environment.



Hi Lucian,

My mistake on that part , actually it will be availaible with the next release most likely in mid of august. The download button will appear on the top right of the participant grid and it will also honor any filters applied.