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Increase ability to customize Success Snapshots

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Things that make it difficult to use Success Snapshots:

  • Limited font support. Our company branding font is not supported. Would be great to expand this (in general as well so we could use in emails templates)
  • Customize the default Success Plan and Objectives slides
  • More color options on fonts - again does not match out branding and cannot create custom colors

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@rahul_prayakarao saw your comment on another Success Snapshot about it currently being looked at for revamp.


Can this be considered as well?

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@andreammelde ability to add custom fonts and colors is already taken up. This will be released as a beta feature in the next release.

Can you expand more on the capability to customize Success Plan Objective Slides? You can always create a custom report and embed them into Success Snapshots.

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that is great! would love to be a part of the beta.


The Success Plan summary slide does not allow much added configuration

  • We have some custom fields and we only have the 5 boxes.
  • I cannot easily rearranged the pre-set fields on the slide
  • It would be nice to have the boxes outlined. When it is exported, everything floating is kinda hard to read and does not fit in our branding
  • Additionally, different plan types have different information we would want to highlight fields