Include Account or Relationship name in subject line of @mention emails

  • 18 January 2019
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Currently, @mentions result in the following subject line: "NAME mentioned you in an Activity"

Gmail and other email clients put these messages together in a thread even though they are unrelated.

Here's an example where Kelly @mentioned me for two different accounts, they get merged together:

Same example, but within the emails:

5 replies

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Hi Tyler,


Thanks for posting!

Sorry for the inconvenience, we understand the requirement, we will improve the experience. 


Changing this to an idea post 

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+1 to this request!

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Please help us with this one!

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@abhishek_sivaraman @nitisha_rathi

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Update - the impact is larger than I originally experienced. I'm getting multiple different timeline emails linked together / intertwined with ongoing discussions. So I have what appears to be a single email thread with three distinct discussions with three groups of people.

Is there an ETA for an improvement to this?