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Improve the UI of the "Activity" Screen in Rules Engine

  • 22 December 2021
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The concept of the “activity” page in the Rules Engine is nice in theory, but there are three significant UI improvements I’d like to see: 

  1. First and foremost, let me navigate elsewhere. This drives me crazy that the hamburger menu and the Administration menu both disappear, meaning I just have to close the tab whenever I’m done with the Activity page.
  2. Add a refresh button. It seems that the only way to get an update on the rules that are running is to refresh the browser entirely. Why not have a refresh button like you have for individual rules? Speaking of which...
  3. Let me click into each individual rule to see the full details just like I can do in the Rules List view. I’d like to be able to see the full Execution History history or even edit the rule if I want.

Thanks for considering.

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Simple - yet necessary