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Importing Tags

  • 22 October 2020
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In C360, you can add Tags to a customer. You can also bulk assign them using the Customers tab. Is there a way to import tags to apply to certain accounts?

5 replies

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@jess_hall - Hello Jessica, could you elaborate more on your ask? By ‘importing’ do you mean importing them from an external system or something else?

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@jess_hall - It’s a little tricky of a rule to setup, but this is totally possible to do this through Rules Engine. Described in Jeff’s response in this thread: 


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Yes! We’d like to import from a spreadsheet. Basically saying this list of accounts should have this tag. Thanks for looking and for the help!

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Might be even easier if you already have a spreadsheet (continually updating via rules gets tricky), but would depend on if you have all of the tags you want a customer to have included. i.e. Like Jeff was referencing in the other post, the field on Customer Info that populates tags in the Gainsight UI, is just a text field with semicolon delineated values. So, if you have a spreadsheet of customers and a column including the values for tags (example below), you should be able to load this data to Customer Info with Rules engine via s3 task or with something like 

Customer tag spreadsheet example:

Account ID Tag Value
Customer 1 tag_1; tag_2; tag_3
Customer 2

tag_1;; tag_3

Customer 3 ;tag_2;


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Hello @pele and @jess_hall

Thank you for elaborating. It is clear now.

We will check internally and let you know on how we can go about this feature request. Thank you for all the details!