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Import/export Success Plans in R360 for accounts with common fields and information from a .csv or .xlsx file..

  • 28 January 2021
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I have a two sets of ten accounts that require Success Plans, each with the same information.  I would like to ability to create one Success Plan with all the common fields, then export it and import it into as many new records as I need to.

My Gainsight Admin tells me this is not possible today with Gainsight NXT and that it would need to be a product request.

It would save me hours upon hours of endless copy/pasting the same information into different records over and over again.

I used this feature with BMC’s Remedy product when I was a Remedy Admin back in the 1990’s (ssssshhhhh).

Thank you for your consideration.

4 replies

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As an alternative, a personal Template would be able to accomplish the same task.  My Admin tells me that Templates are Global and we do not have the option to create individual customized Templates for individual users.  Thanks.

@robeyjm - Your answer is a bit confusing and I just want to clarify.  You say an alternative would be a Personal Template, but then you say you admin tells you we can’t do individual templates?  Which one is it? 

@robeyjm I have 65 accounts that I need to enter data in Seperate Success plans for and half of that data is the same for every account. Things like name, phone #, email address for myself and my backup.  Having a way to use a template and then just enter the unique data would be a huge time saver.

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Cloning success plan and success plan template is in medium term roadmap. Will ability to clone solve the problem? Let us know if you see any challenges