Idea: Page Level Survey Logic

  • 23 December 2020
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Allow for whole pages to be conditionally shown based on responses to previous questions. This would save time when all questions on a page will only be displayed for a particular response. Additionally, when reordering questions with logic on a page, that logic is destroyed. This should allow you to re order questions on a page level without destryoing the overall logic.


Specific use case would be if you have an NPS survey and have your Promotor, Detractor and Passives each receive a different set of questions based on their reply. Instead of having logic on multiple questions, each group has their own page and you can have the appropriate page appear based on the controlling (NPS question) response.

1 reply

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@bradleymcgĀ Thanks for sharing your feature request here! This needs to be reviewed by the product team to check the feasibility. I am redirecting this to the product teamĀ and I will update you here once I hear from them.Ā