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  • 12 October 2016
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I am working with a customer who is trying to add a hyperlink to comments for a CTA. They are trying to (for example) take the base url and then add a token for Case ID which should take the user directly to the case in SFDC. 

Whats odd about this, is that it works sometimes. However, in other situations it completely formats the url wrong and then freezes the page. You cannot do anything until you remove the URL and then you can start working with the rule again. 
My feed back engineering is that hyperlinks are not supported and this needs to be a feature request and not a bug.  

4 replies

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Just in case anyone else runs into this, we figured out why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Hyperlinks in CTA comments will work if the rule creating the CTA is a [i]Relationship Rule.  They won't work if the rule is an [i]Account rule.

So if you're using Relationships, you can have Hyperlinks, it's just X times more work (in our case, we have 15 different Relationship types, so 15X the Rules to create and maintain).
Hi Steve,

Could you please share with me the URLs which go wrong at times and this issue occurs?  This will help us understand the issue better and comment on it accordingly.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Hi Gayathri,  

The URL gets mangled when we save the action.  I type and then add the token for "ServiceID" so I get this:${Services::18 Digit Id} and after I save an Account rule, it is transformed to this: Services::18 Digit Id}'>${Services::18 Digit Id}

On a Relationship rule, the${Services::18 Digit Id} remains after saving and when the CTA is created, it shows up as something like and directs me directly back to the Salesforce object the CTA is referring to.  This is how I'd like it to work for Account level rules as well.  
Got it!

There was an issue while saving this link in CTA actions on rules for Account. We addressed it and the fix is part of 5.4.2 release.