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  • 23 October 2020
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I should be able to link my managers and executives to Gainsight dashboards. My leadership team struggles to leverage and adopt Gainsight because they cannot easily find and navigate to what they need. When they discovered that there was no way to send a link to a dashboard they were shocked as this is a pretty basic function of most tooling. Having my C-levels underwhelmed with the tool is sad for all of us. 

8 replies

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Hi @alisapagerduty:  So, I’m guessing here, but you mean basically navigating to a dashboard, and then, grabbing the URL and emailing/messaging it to someone, correct?  


If so, no, that’s not doable, but you do have a couple of options.

  1. You can export the dashboard.  When you do that, it exports to a ppt file that you can then email.  If you have a Success Snapshot loaded, it will also be branded and use your color scheme.  However, in my experience, this works great if you just have charts and graphs, but if you have tables, not so neat.
  2. You can also set up a subscription for the dashboard to be emailed in that format.  You have the same basic options as the rule engine where you can send daily, weekly, monthly and select a time.
  3. You can also configure individual dashboards for sharing, and in that case, a link is sent to the person you’ve selected.  Not sure if you are on NXT or another version, but this is the article about that for the SFDC version:



Hope that helps!

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I like all of Heather’s suggestions and also want to add that dashboards should have unique links. Are you not seeing that? It is possible that when you initially navigate to “home” it shows a generic URL, but once you choose a new dashboard within home, you should see a unique URL per dashboard. 

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Spencer, the link does not change when navigating between dashboards. I do not want to ship images or PDF’s I do just want to share the direct link so that execs can easily navigate and dive in to the data. 

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Hi @alisapagerduty  

There are two ways to achieve this today: 

  1. External Link sharing - This is designed to share the dashboard with viewer license users. Basically users dont need to login to Gainsight. 
  2. Directly grab the URL of a dashboard and share it with others like https://jbcxm.na124.visual.force.com/apex/HomePage?sfdc.tabName=01r6A0000011bZ9#a076A00000Bfn15QAB etc. The #a076A00000Bfn15QAB is the key navigation to the URL which Spencer mentioned will get populated, once you select a dashboard from the product. This needs users to be logged into Gainsight. 

When you navigate between dashboards, a dashboard id is added to the URL. 


Spencer, the link does not change when navigating between dashboards. I do not want to ship images or PDF’s I do just want to share the direct link so that execs can easily navigate and dive in to the data. 


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I’m not seeing a way to do option 1- External link sharing? For option 2, does this work in the Lightening experience? The url does not change at all when I switch between dashboards so no unique identifier appears in the link to properly direct folks to a specific dashboard. If I share the direct url it simply takes users to the last dashboard they viewed. 

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Hi @alisapagerduty - Here is the info on how to share Dashboards via external link sharing: https://support.gainsight.com/SFDC_Edition/Reports_and_Dashboards/User_Guides/Share_Dashboards

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This does not meet the criteria of my feature requests: 

  1. This option to share is only available if it has been allowed in the dashboard share settings. A fact that is completely missing from your support article and your instructions in this post. So I had to do a fair amount of digging to figure that out on my own. 
  2. Once you enable the share settings you have to click a preview option to get to a link that is shareable. I should be able to simply share a hyperlink with a single click. I should not have to open multiple tabs to get to a hyperlink that can be shared. This is not an easy way to allow sharing. If an executive is required to go through this many clicks to share a dashboard I guarantee you they will not do it.
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Hi @alisapagerduty - are your executives receiving the share link that is sent to them from someone else or are they initiating the share and sending a dashboard to someone? 


On your first point, I’ll share this feedback with our docs team and see if we can improve the detail in the support page.