Hubspot Meetings/Notes Timeline Integration

  • 13 July 2020
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One of our Customer Cybercube is using the Hubspot CRM ,As we do have any sync between Hubspot Meetings/Notes and Gainsight Timeline ,they are not able to leverage Timeline - as Notes added by the CS Team would not be visible to the other Teams, and to see the Notes by other Teams the CSM have to log in to Hubspot.


Is Hubspot Meetings /Notes Timeline integration in our Product Map?
Are we hearing this from other Customers as well ?


4 replies

Hi - we use Hubspot CRM and this is used by a wide team - sales, marketing, execs, client services, product. We recently started using Gainsight, currently used only by client services. We do not want to duplicate effort by having to capture meeting notes information in both GS and Hubspot. If information could be synched, then it would massively increase utility of Gainsight and enable wider adoption across the company. Currently, as other team have more use out of Hubspot, we capture info there, rather than Gainsight. We really want to start using the Timeline feature and related ways to capture CTAs, but hard to do so when core data is in a different application. 



Oli Brew

Head of Client Services - CyberCube

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Completely understand the need and it is on our roadmap. We will be able to get to it in H2 2021


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Any latest update on this?

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@baji_bathula we are looking into various scenarios and providing ways to bringing Hubspot data to Timeline. We are going to have a VCAM for this in November. We will discuss the requirements with respect to the type of data our Customers want to bring to Timeline. Feel free to forward it to the right people.