How to make SFDC Case Number Clickable Link in Transactional Flattened Survey Report

  • 14 January 2021
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I have seen older similar requests and questions on the forum that don’t quite answer my question. I have also (unless my mind fails me here, not out of the realm of possibility) actually seen this done before but I can’t think of how. Here are the details:


  • I have a Transactional Survey and program triggering on a case closure.
  • The cases are SFDC objects
  • My context id can be either Case Number or Case ID (I have tried both)
  • In reports, I want the report viewer to be able to click on the Case Number and be taken to the SFDC case, similar to how the Account Name is a link taking you to the appropriate account page
  • I have currently been reporting on the Flattened Survey object (MDA)
  • This is in a production not sandbox environment

Currently, the case number only shows up as a string. I don’t know if when I saw this implemented before that the SFDC case object was imported into a custom MDA case object. However, I’m wondering if there is a solution out there not involving doing that, but I’m curious if someone else has had this issue and if/how they solved it. Happy to provide more details if needed.

Thank you!

9 replies

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@bradleymcg sorry for the delay here and thanks for sharing this here. I will get you an update here. 

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@bradleymcg apologies, this is not possible as of today, changing this to the idea for more visibility. 

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@sai_ram Thanks!

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@sai_ram Just to clarify what the use case is here:


If caseworkers or their managers want reporting on their survey metrics, it’s a no brainer to want to click directly to the case the survey was about to do a post mortum if needed. You could expand this to any type of transactional survey interaction, where you’d want to jump to a particular instance of an even to get more context on what went well/didn’t go well.

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Thanks for the idea @bradleymcg. We’ll look into the feasibility of this with our teams.

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You can simply formulate the URL in the rules engine and then push it to a URL type field on the case object. This will give you a clickable link.


Additionally, if you know html code, you can create the href html tag in the rules engine and push this to a URL field.



Edit: I just reread this, not sure if it is still possible since my solution is a rule. However, you could try to do multiple concatenates in report formula field instead.

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@Wayne I forgot that I made this post, so here’s what I did, though I would still like to see this as an out-of-the-box functionality like linking Company object records.

Until then, this was my workaround (setup is NXT through SFDC SSO, using Lightening):


In my JO query, I added a transformation on my final merge so I could add a formula field. This was a String Concatenation. You’ll need a few things for this:

  • The URL of an SFDC case
  • SFDC ID field for your case record in your JO query.
  • Case number field (if you want to display the case number dynamically as the linked text.
  • Some HTML

In Lightening I found the URLs had this pattern: where Case_ID is the SFDC ID of the record I’m viewing.


So in my Concat, my comma-separated expression looks like this:


Concat(a href=”,,SFDC_ID,/view,” target=”_blank”>,Case_Number_field,</a>


note that:

  • following view it is “ target= with a space after the quote
  • the target =”_blank part is important to force the URL to open in a new tab or window. Otherwise, I found Salesforce/Gainsight could not handle it so it appeared not to function.


Your end result should be a dynamic, clickable URL you can use in your JO program and Flattened survey reports on that survey.


Again, I would very much prefer this out of the box like some other fields in GS, but at least this worked.

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Oh so you added it as a field/token in the JO query to avoid having to do it in report and/or data designer. Smart move.

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Oh so you added it as a field/token in the JO query to avoid having to do it in report and/or data designer. Smart move.

I would say a bit desperate but I’ll take it :) I also wanted to use the URL in my JO emails which was an internal requirement. Win win!