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How to find the skipped rules

  • 16 March 2021
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A rule chain was scheduled run every day at 6 AM. but unfortunately, it didn’t ran on 3rd Feb.

But customer observed the same after 30 days. It could be great if we have a feasibility to know the list of rules which didn’t ran on a particular day.

Currently, we can get the notification for failure/Success rule status but we don’t have an Option to get notified for skipped rules. It’s difficult for customer to check manually for every day. 

6 replies

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@rajasekhar_parasu that's a great ask. Knowing the skipped rules and option to get notified for skipped rules will reduce the clicks and time. 

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This is a major blind spot right now and causes the exact same trouble that a failed run would. Adding on to this suggestion, please add a category for skipped rule runs in the new Summary Ribbon in the Rule Engine’s list page.

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This is a major blind spot. Some rules can be very dependent on running on an exact day. If for example, CTAs are created exactly 90 days from the renewal date, a skipped rule will mean that some customers never get the CTA they should. Admins definitely need to be notified when this happens.


This doesn’t have more votes because most admins don’t realize that rules are ever skipped. I’ve been an admin for 4 years and I only recently learned this. We have enough work to do as admins without having to check every rule ran each day that it should. We should be able to assume that Gainsight is working as expected unless notified otherwise.

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@rakesh on this feedback

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Hi All,


We skip a rule only if another instance of the same rule is running for the same rule date. So my understanding is that this shouldn’t cause CTA’s for a day to be missed. My understanding is that the skips are because of some aggressive scheduling and the skips do not cause any tangible impact. And hence a skip is not a failure to be notified for. Reading through this post, that might not be the case always. I’ll try to understand whats happening here a bit more. 


cc: @tulasi_andukuri 

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Are there any updates on the ability to be notified when rules are skipped? A customer brought this limitation up to me and I think it makes a lot of sense to have this option.