Horizon Cockpit: Task View Please

  • 1 December 2020
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This would make our team’s lives so much easier! 

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@sriram pasupathi for us, this would be an acceptable update since we do quarter by quarter analysis.  I also vote we somehow name  the task view after @bradleymcg , honorarily :) 

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This is something our CSMs have consistently asked for. It would be great for them so they can see all the tasks that are due by their due date. Feedback is that it only shows the overall CTA due date so CSMs feel like they miss the steps

Need to be able to work at the task level - not the CTA level. Today I have to open every one of my CTAs to see what tasks I need to complete today or this week. I care about the due date on my tasks far more than the due date on a CTA.