Horizon Analytics: What is the difference between Lazy report Loading toggle switches?

  • 17 March 2021
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In the Report Builder, General Settings there is a toggle switch for “Enable lazy loading of report widgets.”   

There is also a toggle switch under Dashboard Builder General Settings:


The only reference I find to the lazy loading is in the Reports and Dashboards FAQ but it only directs the reader to the Report Builder toggle switch.  I don’t see any mention of the toggle switch in Dashboard Builder documentation.

3 replies

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@darkknight your are a fighter! I support your fight and I am with you for this fight. :grin: More feedback to come..


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The setting from reporting would be turned off in one of the upcoming releases Jeff. We want this functionality to go beyond reports and extend to all widgets. 


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Hello Everyone,

We have updated the references in the Reports and Dashboards FAQ article since the lazy loading functionality is moved to Dashboard Settings page.

Thank you!