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Honoring dependencies on the picklists values from Salesforce

  • 27 March 2018
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In Salesforce, there is an ability to apply configurable dependencies on a field - if the opportunity type is 'Renewal', then in the forecast picklist field, just show relevant fields such as 'At Risk', 'Renewal will happen', 'Will churn' vs. if the opportunity type is 'New Business, just show 'Upside', 'Commit', 'Close' etc in the forecast picklist field. When we pull these fields into the linked objects, we lose these dependencies, and therefore the user can see all the available values in picklist. How can I enable user to see only relevant values in this picklist in the linked object?

6 replies

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Hi Meenal,

For the Dependent picklist to work in layout, make sure to add them in same group and one under the other (Opportunity type in top and Forecast picklist below that)

Let me know if this helps.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Field dependencies in C360 are not being filtered as per 'customer info' object f....

In C360 section, client is expecting that based on the selection in ‘Churn Risk Category’ which is the ‘controlling field’, the values available for selection in ‘Churn Risk Reason’ would be filtered based upon how we set up the field dependency in customer info object. This works fine when we preview the Customer Info record in Salesforce, but when we go through the C360 interface, we see the all picklist values in the dependent field ‘Churn Risk Reason’ regardless of what is chosen in the controlling field Churn Risk Category.

Here’s video recording link to understand the requirement :

So user is requesting to post as an enhancement request where the dependency filters should be applied on C360 page as well to avoid any unexpected picklist to be selected.
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Hello everyone, thank you for bringing this up. We have planned to provide this enhancement in the near future. We will update you once the enhancement is shipped.

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+1, any updates on this? 

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@muralikrishnagopu is there an update on ETA? Also, will this apply to ALL field dependencies built on Gainsight objects (for example CTA) or just account/customer info?

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Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to announce that your request has been partially implemented in both NXT and SFDC versions of Gainsight. 

Gainsight now honors picklist field dependencies in C360 layouts. When CSMs select the value of a dependent field in the C360, the available options are based on the controller field’s selection. For more information on dependent picklist fields, refer to the Dropdown List and Multi Select Dropdown List (SFDC) article.