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Heat map - problems with larger volumes of data

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Measure: Sum of Volume
Dimensions: SendDate (DATE), CountryName

Since we have more than hundred countries and more than a year of data grouped by date in one MDA subject, it seems that heatmap shows only one day for couple of countries and ignores the rest.

Same thing happens even if we filter out to show only last 7 days or we summarize SendDate by weeks.

Heat map usually works fine when it comes to much smaller volume of data - for example creating a heat map from CTA or Account object

In attached example below we're seeing only one week of data and there should be at least few weeks visible and dozen more countries available:

Couple of ideas for additional heat map improvements

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I am kicking this over into an idea so product has visibility into the limitation you are seeing around heatmaps. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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Hi Steve,

Well the only question is the topic itself :)
Why is heatmap showing only one day and couple of countries instead of everything that's selected and filtered when there's lots of data in MDA object that's being used to create the heatmap.
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This seems to be working as expected right now. From what I'm looking at, all data is now shown in the heat map.

Ideas from this post would now be very handy 🙂