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GS Assist Gmail Plugin - activity date/time matches email metadata instead of date/time of email being logged

  • 18 November 2021
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Using the GS Assist Gmail Plug-in, when logging an email thread, or a received inbound email from a customer (not when logging from the Compose window), the Activity Date/Time that syncs back to GS Timeline is the date/time the email was logged, not the date/time the email was received. Meaning, that if a customer emailed me on November 10, and I was out of office that day, so I logged it to timeline on November 11 when I was back in office, the activity date/time for the email activity in timeline would show as November 11.


My request is for the date/time on the activity logged in Gainsight match the email metadata of when the email was received.

3 replies

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I think my idea title is misleading -- it should say “Request for GS Assist Gmail Plugin activity date/time to match email metadata instead of date/time of email being logged”

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Would like this capability for Outlook plugin as well.  

Voted, Seconded.  Need this for Outlook; when initially moving to gainsight, we get no benefit from the “time” part of the timeline when ingesting pre-gainsight customer interactions